The History of Bowling

The History of Bowling

Although bowling is seen as trying to knock 10 pinballs in a simple sense, it is a strategy and coordination sport that can be played with more than 100 million players in more than 90 countries today and requires a very serious work as a competition sport.

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The British anthropologist, Sir Flinders Petrie, discovered in 1930 in Egypt a material for a bowling-like game in a child’s grave. Proving that it is a history dating back to 5200 (some sources say 3200 BC) is a game of at least 5000 years. In this period, it is thought that this game was played by tumbling with 10 pieces of stone round balls in the marble half circle shape in the vicinity. Meanwhile, take your time to  visit

The game “ula maika”, played by the old Polesians, is also included in the history of bowling as a game based on the overthrow of kookabouts at a distance of 60 feet. This interesting distance is still used today.
In all these times, hunters and warriors have played similar games to improve their abilities, and these games are known to shape the basis of BowLig. For more visit websites about gaming and bonuses.

German historian William Pehle mentions the traces of this game in Germany over the years. During the 3rd and 4th centuries, this game was used as a symbol of purification from sins in many churches. The temples showed how much they had escaped from their sins by overthrowing 9 wooden slabs called “kegel”. Those who succeeded in this test were considered completely free from their sins. (The founder of the Protestant, Martin Luther, is remembered for his sacking.) The word “kegler” used for bowlingmen belongs to this turn. While exploring these games, try to visit france online casino


Recordings of bowling-type games that turn into a sport again in a religious ceremony are found in Europe in the 14th century. In these years, the game is so popular that King Edward III (1327-1377) and King Richard II (1377-1399) forbade it to play as the soldiers in the famous 100-year wars lost their place in the game instead of the practice. Then King Henry VIII legitimizes the game and even plays himself

During this period, many bowling-like games moved with immigrants from Europe to America. Among them are Italians ‘bocce, the French pentanque, and the British’ s lawn bowling. Modern bowling is believed to have come from the Dutch Pins, played with triangular wooden pegs, carried by Dutch immigrants in the 1600s. The Dutch played this game in the “Bowling Green” area, still known in New York, by the same name.

In 1841, nine states of Connecticut bowling were banned for widespread betting and gambling, followed by other states. It is believed that 10 dubious bowling, known as “Ten Pin Bowling” in the world, is designed to pierce these 9 dummy banners. Never miss a chance to have a look at website .

The bowling game played outdoors throughout history dates back to the 19th century when the first lanes were built internally in 1840 in New York. Has now become a popular indoor space game.

Despite being played all over the world, the bowling game, which has no rules, got in with the “National Bowling Organization” created by 9 clubs that played 9 kuka bowling in 1875 for the first time. This organization and other clubs worked for years to determine standards, and eventually they were gathered under a single roof with the ABC – American Bowling Congress, which was founded in New York in 1895, and found many rules that are still valid today. After this period, official matches began to take place in bowling. These days the is online games line online casinos.

With Women’s International Congress, founded in 1917, women began to organize their own encounters. This event was later changed to Woman’s National Bowling Association. In 1971 this event changed again as Women’s International Bowling Congress (WIBC).

casino en ligneIn the 20th century this was a very serious development. Until the year 1905, solid wooden balls were used and plastic balls were being used. In 1914, Brunswick produced the first brand of plastic she produced with the “hidden plastic formula” called “Evertrue” (named Mineralite for this material).

Perhaps nothing has changed as much as the 1940 automatic bowing machine’s Automatic Pinspotter produced by American Machinery & Foundry (AMF). At the beginning of the 1950s, the so-called “pinboy”, which now placed pins, began to take its place.

In the 1950s, the ABC changed the rule for “whites only” in its rules.

With the establishment of the PBA – Professional Bowlers Association in 1958 and the Professional Women ‘s Bowling Association in 1960, high – level professional sporting competitions began to be organized in men and women. In 1974, a group of women who left the organization due to their failures formed an organization called Ladies’ Professional Bowlers Association. Later, these two bodies merged in 1978 to form the Women’s Professional Bowlers Association (WPBA). In 1981, this organization named Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour.

In 1982, YABA – Young American Bowling Alliance was established for the organization of young players for casino en ligne.

In 1993, ABC removed the “only for men only” rule in its rules, allowing women to take part in this event.

Today, developing technologies, bowling sports developed with automatic scoring machines are going to become an Olympic Sports with more than 100 million actors all over the world.

Bowling Rules

It is absolutely forbidden to smoke, eat and drink on this area to go out with wooden shoes apart from bowling shoes. If you are sensitive to this issue and see the reversal, you are alert to the lane officers.
When you throw the ball, you have to be careful that the bottoms of your shoes are dry and clean in order not to fall. Therefore, toilets, beverage spills, etc. Take care not to wet the bottom of your shoe in such situations, wear a shoe if necessary.

Please notify the officers if there are any problems in the system, in the mechanics, or in your area.


According to Bowling courtesy rules, the shooting priority is the first player to complete the shot preparation. If two players have shot at the same time, the priority is the player on the right. Please check whether the player on your right side has fired before shooting.

It is very important to avoid movements that will distract other players from your shot and after completing your shot.
Please be careful not to have more than one person in the shooting area.
Certainly from the shooting area and walk in front of the players.
It is very important that you do not spend too long before shooting if you think that other players are waiting for you and that you are ready when the shot comes in.


If you are going to use the “house ball” from the walks, please choose one ball in your weight and finger size. (Using a single ball will make it easier for you and other players like you to find the ball.) Using the same ball while shooting will also make it easier to get a more balanced and successful style.
For the healthy operation of the mechanisms, please do not start your second shot before the ball you threw at your first right comes back.
While holding the ball, use both hands to securely remove the ball from the channel. It can lead to unwanted accidents due to other balls coming from the receiving channel by picking up your fingers or taking your hand from one side.

Unloading the balls you do not use in the ball channel will make your play both comfortable and easy for the players looking for other balls, without disturbing you. Please ask when you get the ball from other ball channels. If you are new to bowling, ask the staff for help when starting the game. Remember that you are on your right and in your left

If the player in your left hand has taken the ball before you, the shooting priority belongs to casino en ligneitself. The player who uses the right lane from the ready-to-shoot players at the same time has the priority of shooting to prevent the concentration from deteriorating.
Please wear bowling shoes to ensure that the ground is not deformed and the quality is maintained. Never leave the floor with food, drink and cigarettes.
Waiting for the throwing ball to return before you throw your shot will make the auto-running devices work much more efficiently and without problems.
You certainly do not bother a player in the shooting position.
To keep your hands and your fingers from jamming while holding the returning balls, hold the ball like the bottom picture.
Be sure to take the ball with both hands and hold it in your arm that does not shoot while walking. Thus, both your fingers are hurt and your wrists are forced unnecessarily.
Always stand behind the foul line.
You are a good loser, gentle winner.

Bowling Terms

LANE: Wooden yada synthetic lap round the ball.
APROACH: The ground where the shot is prepared and the shot is made
FOUL LINE: The black tape separating the lane and Aproach
PIN: The pin
STRIKE (X), made of maple wood and covered with plastic etc. to increase its durability : 10 pins overturn in the first shot.
SPARE (/): In the second shot, overturns all remaining pins from the first shot.
SPLIT: 1. Two or more pins stay away from each other at the end of the start.
FRAME: A set game consists of 10 sections, each of which is called a frame.
GUTTER or CHANNEL: Channels on Lanterns 2 l
BUMPER: System that prevents Lanterns from falling to gutters on both sides.
STRAIGHT: Straight shot.
HOOK: Falso
CURVE: Kavis
REVERSE / BACK-UP: Reverse Falso.